SRNDS004 Volta Cab – House Of The Rising Fire EP

by Serenades_Admin

The fourth Serenades release comes from a russian producer Volta Cab.

He is a multitalented, versatile producer, performing brilliantly in a range from Nu Disco, Deep House, Soul, Techno to Breakbeat.
Approaching music in an open way, he is not restricting himself to a certain genre, catching the Zeitgeist.

On Serenades, Volta Cab takes us back to 1992 with a 4 tracker called “House Of The Rising Fire EP”

All of tracks are heavily influenced by the rave and house soundscapes of the early 90´s.

Think of early Prodigy, Altern8, Rachel Wallace and Baby D, combined with a modern nu disco twist.

You can find the release in the shops in mid november!

Pre-order at Junodownload

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