SRNDS012 Roberto Rodriguez feat. Max C – Lies Remixes Part 2

by Serenades_Admin


Picking remixers for remix packs is not always easy. First you have to pick remixers that really drive you musically. On the other hand you need to think of variation so that the whole pack doesn’t sound exactly the same. When it came down to deciding remixers for ‘Lies’ it all came quite naturally. These were all artists i wanted to get involved with Serenades one way or the other. Arttu (Clone, 4Lux), Kyodai (Local Talk, Freerange, Poker Flat) and Satin Jackets (Eskimo, Glam Jam Artists), they all have their distinct trademark sound. From Arttu’s gritty warehouse sound to Satin Jacket’s more polished smooth disco vibes via Kyodai’s groovy jazz house, they all gave the original their own unique touches.Arttu ended up delivering three cool variations of his fantastic warehouse slow burner. So in order to keep the remixes more in balance, it was best to divide them in two separate releases. This worked well. The Arttu mixes got peoples full attention and were highly praised by dj’s and music fans all over the club hemisphere. Now its time to shift the attention to the second part of the package.

Ever since they had their smash hit ‘Breaking’ last summer on Local Talk, Kyodai has been in high demand with remix offers flying in from doors and windows. The spanish born, Berlin based brothers have been making music for a long time with various monikers, but its with this new name: Kyodai (means brothers in Japanese), they are starting to be on everybody’s map. Even with their busy production schedule they managed to find the time for this one.

“We really love Roberto’s album ‘Dawn’. So much that we recorded a special radio show for it when it came out. ‘Lies’ is one of our favourite tracks of the album. Good deep house vibes and it is the real Roberto’s sound, Max is a great singer. We really love the track and the vocals, so it was a pleasure to do. We really enjoyed doing a our interpretation and now it is one of our favourite part of our live set.”

What they came up with in the end is a super groovy track with  live drums and jazzy rhodes chords. That may sound simple but the guys really pulled it off nicely in a fresh way. With the Jazzy club vibes of Kyodai and the stomping warehouse rawness of the Arttu mixes, it was good to have something sweet and fresh along. Thats where the german Nu Disco mastermind Satin Jackets comes to the picture.

Earlier this year Satin Jackets (Tim Bernhardt) had a massive disco hit ‘You Make Me Feel Good’ on Eskimo which has collected over 350k plays on Soundcloud to this date.

Even though Satin Jackets’s remixes are in high demand and running his own Glam Jam Artists and Pole Jam labels takes a lot of his time the decision to remix this one wasn’t a hard one.

“I respect all of Roberto’s work and this one sounded like a downright classic from him. I’m a sucker for good vocals so yeah, I wanted to give it a full feature because it stuck to me right away.”

He certainly did deliver a fantastic summer remix.

After his ‘Lies’ remix he is not showing any signs of slowing down.

I have just finished remixes for Follow Me on Heavy Roc, Rony Breaker on Jalapeno Records and Prunk on Double Tree. Also, there’s going be a new SJ original upcoming on Eskimo. Currently, my first vinyl release on Glam Jam Artists together with Pole Position is being pressed. We call our joint venture Pole Jam Vinyl and it’s going to feature two tracks each from KLar&PF and Deep Sound Express. Very exciting stuff :)

Looking very good for him. Can’t wait to hear all the stuff he is releasing.

Lies Remixes Part 2 out now!








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