Roberto Rodriguez June ’13 charts

by Serenades_Admin

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Here are the latest charts from Roberto Rodriguez all in one neat package. This months charts include some amazing new music for the summer. One of the highlights is the husband and wife album project of Nicole Willis and Jimi Tenor called Cola & Jimmu – Enigmatic. It surely is one of the best House albums of the year so far.

Another highlight comes from the norwegian mastermind Todd Terje. Once again he has managed to make a brilliant feel good track. ‘Strandbar’ which means ‘Beach’ in english has all the right ingredients for a summer hit. All points are showing that its rapidly becoming one. Great balance between naivety and coolness.

One more highlight is the latest from the US label Undertones. Late last year they released a fantastic ep ‘First Supplement’ from The Nathaniel X Project. Now this ep gets a sequel in the form of ‘Supplement Deux’. Once again the producer Nate Tinsley gives us 4 fantastic true deep house tracks.


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